Measure in Love

Hey, I'm Laura. I'm 23 and I live in Ohio. I'm a Theatre Fangirl and a dancer. I love RENT, Spring Awakening, Next to Normal, Newsies, Wicked, In the Heights, A Chorus Line, and a whole lot of other musicals. I'm a Potterhead, Whovian, Renthead, StarKid, Gleek, Klainer who is currently adding more fandoms to her repertoire. If I could meet anyone, dead or alive, I would meet either JKR or Jonathan Larson. Thanks for visiting my blog! You're a pretty cool person.

Remember that time, when a bunch of us jumped together in time to a song, and the floor of the mainstage ballroom started shaking, and they had to tell us to stop because the people below thought there was an earthquake going on/ they didn’t want all of us to die?